Photo a day projects

Last year I started a new project in my personal photography…every January, I will take a photo of my girls for every day of the month. It’s a great way to document everyday life, and to compile a collection of photos over the years where I can see them growing and changing. Anyone can do a project like this, I invite you to give it a go. Even if you just use your smartphone, it’s absolutely do-able. The key is to set a frequency and duration that you know you can stick to…I’ve attempted (and failed!) doing a project 365 a few times, it was just too difficult to do every day for an entire year. But doing one photo a day for the month of January is pretty easy, since we’re on school holidays and the industry in general slows down a bit. So this is my comfort-zone :)

So here is my month so far…I’ll blog the rest at the end of the month. Enjoy!

IMG_1634 web.jpgIMG_1646 web.jpgIMG_1670 web.jpgIMG_1677 web.jpgIMG_1756 web.jpgIMG_1769 web.jpgIMG_1817 web.jpgIMG_1876 web.jpgIMG_2015 web.jpgIMG_2107 web.jpgIMG_2127 web.jpgIMG_2227 web.jpgIMG_2448 web.jpgIMG_2467 web.jpgIMG_2509 web.jpg

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