Photo a day – part two

Here is the second half of January…and for those that missed the first half, click here.

These make me smile so much…last year I had them printed into a book, but this year I want them on a wall somewhere. I’ll show you all the finished product when it’s done :)

IMG_2533 web.jpgIMG_2564 web.jpgIMG_2592 web.jpgIMG_2611 web.jpgIMG_2654 web.jpgIMG_2673 web.jpgIMG_2719 web.jpgIMG_2751 web.jpgIMG_2762 web.jpgIMG_2777 web.jpgIMG_2838 web.jpgIMG_2843 web.jpgIMG_2871 web.jpgIMG_2882 web.jpgIMG_2901 web.jpgIMG_2914 web.jpg