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Fireball 2014

Our local brigades risk life and limb every fire season to keep us safe. The more resources they have, the better (for us AND them), and so the Fireball was born…an epic fundraiser that’s sure to be repeated every year! I had the best fun on the night capturing all the shenanigans and I’m happy that I could give back, even just a little. So here are the pics…enjoy!



Spring Mini Sessions! { Warrandyte photographer }

It’s the perfect time to update your family photos…the weather is warmer, days are getting longer, and Christmas is just around the corner…

spring2014 v3 web

A Special Birthday

What better time to capture your extended family than at a special birthday! That’s exactly what Lillian’s family did, at the beautiful Wyreena Cafe in Croydon.


A country wedding


And then she was 8…

What 8yo girl doesn’t love a DVD-pizza-craft-lego-sleepover birthday party? I know mine did! They had so much fun, stayed up past midnight…and that’s living dangerously when you’re 8 :)


3 blowing candles.jpg2 eating cake.jpgIMG_0149web.jpg4 isla video.jpgIMG_0236web.jpg2 scarlett talking.jpgpl table.jpg2 craft.jpg4 lego.jpgIMG_0255web.jpgIMG_0284web.jpg

Balloon fun!

So what would you do if you had a room full of balloons, two small children, and a camera?

balloons storyboard

Photo a day – part two

Here is the second half of January…and for those that missed the first half, click here.

These make me smile so much…last year I had them printed into a book, but this year I want them on a wall somewhere. I’ll show you all the finished product when it’s done :)

IMG_2533 web.jpgIMG_2564 web.jpgIMG_2592 web.jpgIMG_2611 web.jpgIMG_2654 web.jpgIMG_2673 web.jpgIMG_2719 web.jpgIMG_2751 web.jpgIMG_2762 web.jpgIMG_2777 web.jpgIMG_2838 web.jpgIMG_2843 web.jpgIMG_2871 web.jpgIMG_2882 web.jpgIMG_2901 web.jpgIMG_2914 web.jpg

Photo a day projects

Last year I started a new project in my personal photography…every January, I will take a photo of my girls for every day of the month. It’s a great way to document everyday life, and to compile a collection of photos over the years where I can see them growing and changing. Anyone can do a project like this, I invite you to give it a go. Even if you just use your smartphone, it’s absolutely do-able. The key is to set a frequency and duration that you know you can stick to…I’ve attempted (and failed!) doing a project 365 a few times, it was just too difficult to do every day for an entire year. But doing one photo a day for the month of January is pretty easy, since we’re on school holidays and the industry in general slows down a bit. So this is my comfort-zone :)

So here is my month so far…I’ll blog the rest at the end of the month. Enjoy!

IMG_1634 web.jpgIMG_1646 web.jpgIMG_1670 web.jpgIMG_1677 web.jpgIMG_1756 web.jpgIMG_1769 web.jpgIMG_1817 web.jpgIMG_1876 web.jpgIMG_2015 web.jpgIMG_2107 web.jpgIMG_2127 web.jpgIMG_2227 web.jpgIMG_2448 web.jpgIMG_2467 web.jpgIMG_2509 web.jpg

A garden for bush fairies

My girls received an early Christmas from their Aunty yesterday, and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…all the components to build their own fairy garden :) So we all set to work (OK everyone else set to work while I took photos…that seems to happen a lot), finding a nice shady spot and putting everything into place. We’ve been down there a couple of times to see how it’s going, and I swear we’ve seen signs of activity…so who knows, maybe our very own bush fairies have moved in :)


20121223 fairy garden blog web.jpg