A garden for bush fairies

My girls received an early Christmas from their Aunty yesterday, and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…all the components to build their own fairy garden :) So we all set to work (OK everyone else set to work while I took photos…that seems to happen a lot), finding a nice shady spot and putting everything into place. We’ve been down there a couple of times to see how it’s going, and I swear we’ve seen signs of activity…so who knows, maybe our very own bush fairies have moved in :)


20121223 fairy garden blog web.jpg

Hello World! { Melbourne Baby Photographer }

Well, here it is, my little space on the web :) I can’t tell you how much fun it was to set this up. Settle in, have a look around, check out my portfolio, let me know what you think (leave a comment on this post if you like! The link is above).

Also, take a look at my launch special (which is still available but not for much longer!) and find out more about what I do, here.

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And what’s a photographer’s blogpost without photos? Here are some images from a gorgeous baby session I had recently. I wanted to bundle up these kids and take them home with me, they were just adorable! Add to that a beautiful, light-filled house and I was in photographers’ heaven :)



Hunter dip.jpgIMG_0956 web.jpgmia dip.jpgMelbourne family child photographerIndi dip.jpgMelbourne family photographerIndi2 dip.jpg